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Here’s the thing – our safety has always been threatened and we had lived in co-existence together with crime…


I guess I can’t blame us much because that’s human nature, we adjust to survive. However lately I have seen a rise in crime which is beginning to paralyse out nation. HUMAN TRAFFICKING to be exact.

Look I know that lately it seems like the only thing people are talking about and it’s getting a lil’ too much, but here’s the thing – it’s real. It’s everywhere and it can happen to anyone at any time and that freaks me out, especially because I feel the government hasn’t taken any action against it except telling us to get tracking numbers on our phones which doesn’t help much because by the time the police find you, you’ll most probably be in heaven. Not to be dramatic or anything but what is the government doing?


Every morning there’s a new story of a child abducted, a woman, killed or kidnapped. The other day it happened to one of the moms around my neighbourhood. Her daughter was abducted on Sunday night, in a neighbourhood deemed as “safe“. We have metro police on patrol 24hours, neighbourhood watch team cameras all around yet it happened and here I am worried about what this world is coming to. We have a government that is focused on who gets the highest position or seats in parliament when it should be focusing on the country’s safety. We have barbed wire at our country’s border claimed to be securing our country from terrorists yet we busy fighting over political power.


I’m not against the election of the presidency or cabinet etc… However I’m against it being the priority when we have bigger problems that are doing the best they can to paralyse our nation. For all I know, if this is how our country carries one, we might just lose big investors in our economy which might leave us crippled for a least a decade. But then again I’m just a civilian and my cry won’t even reach the government. I guess the question is what are we as civilians – the people, willing to do to save our country?

Whilst we thinking about that question, here are some safety tips that could save you and your loved ones:

  • Always tell your loved ones your location
  • When taking a cab or taxi, send a photo of the number plate to a friend or family member
  • Do not put headsets on when walking so as to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings; and
  • Do not talk to strangers

*This blog-post was first published on 10 June 2017, here on the insideWomen Blog✨ 


Yours in inspiration,
Siphokazi Makolwa ✍🏾 

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  1. I find it shocking just how the entire South African scene has become so scaringly (not a word?) dangerous! It’s ridiculous!!

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