Sacred (part 2): the line

We have asked all the questions, and none of them are rhetorical. We need answers! (Please do read the first part of this series, “Sacred (part 1): overshare?”, if you haven’t already).

Now, it is only the individual who can answer why she shares what she shares on social media. We all have different reasons. For example, a lifestyle blogger may be justified in sharing her pregnancy journey with followers if it provides her with opportunities to collaborate with pregnancy magazines and maternity wear brands. It’s business, as fun as it may be. Most of what is displayed on social media is business, in my opinion.

Advertisers pay money to reach you on these platforms. For that reason, there are people working tirelessly to find ways to keep you glued to your screen… the more time you spend here the more money advertisers can make. Welcome to the age of the influencer!
What about those who aren’t on social media to make money? Why do they share what they share? Where do they draw the line?

We need to look inside ourselves and question our own motives. So many of us are wasting so much of our time sharing the most intimate parts of our lives hoping to make real connections through social media. But these virtual platforms can never replace actual human interaction. You need your real friends and family. Your real friends and family need you.

Social media isn’t real enough most of the time.
That’s just my view. Let me know what you think in the comment section below ⬇

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