Reason for the Season


For Christians – Christmas is the day where we get to celebrate the birth of the King Jesus Christ and for non-Christmas Christians, it is a time to create memories with your loved ones. A time to bond and cuddle, to laugh and love, to be united and re-united. The list goes on…

Whilst all that is good and merry, there are other things this day comes with. Like the fact that it is not just one specific day but a whole month especially in our beautiful South Africa. Christmas begins on the 1st of December and ends after the New Year.

This then brings a different twist to things as other factors come in. Such as holiday activities, food, finances, etc which all lead to one’s goals of being healthy. I’m using the word healthy as a collective because all of the things mentioned above contribute to our health, whether it’s our mental, physical or spiritual health. Now I’m not trying to put a damper on things but these things are reality and if left unchecked, can overwhelm us.

I for one find it hard to stay on track with my healthy eating which always leads to not enjoying the season as it pushes me away from my goals. So I end up taking my frustrations out on everyone around, which spoils everything. However I have learnt some important tips on how to deal with my holiday stress which I will share with you :

  1. Have fun: the whole point of this season is for you to unwind and enjoy spending time with your loved ones without the work stress and other stresses.
  2. Make a budget and stick to it: fun is not always costly and we don’t have to go out or buy things every single day till the next year comes.
  3. Take a break and go for a run: Yes take a break from the fam and get in some alone time. You don’t really have to run, you could walk and just enjoy some peaceful time and reboot.
  4. Don’t try to control everything: let go and go with the flow. Everyone in your family is different which means that you won’t be necessarily make everyone happy so as long as there’s not drama or tears, then everything is ok.

One more thing . . . . .

  1. Don’t forget to leave cookies for santa. . . .(winks)



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