The sun is rising.
I sigh in fear
as the first ray
beams upon my face…

How my soul yearns
for the haunting coldness
of last night.
I wish hard
for the night
to hasten its arrival.

My heart involuntarily melts
at the warm invasion
of the morning sun.
I try to pull my blanket
tightly over my head,
shut my eyes tighter
as the light pierces
through my pitch black blinds,
through my perforated blanket,
through the hardened hands
that are covering my eyes…

Shining light
into a spirit indulging in darkness.
I hate the brightness
of the morning sun!

I hate how beautifully
this room comes alive
as the yellow happiness
of morning light
burns down
every trace of darkness,
and coldness within me.

I feel invaded, my eyes are tearing
at this phenomenon
I’ve prayed so hard against.

Take back your sun!
Take back your light!
It burns me!
It melts me!
It hurts me!

I curl up tighter…
How I long for the cold
numbness of last night.
The elusive joy
of frostbitten cold feet
that never went anywhere.

My heart sinks
as this light gets brighter.
Why must morning rays come?
Why must empty hearts
be made whole?

Yours in inspiration,

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