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[spacer height=”20px”] We live in a modern world where everything is fast paced and easily accessible so I guess it’s expected that fat loss should automatically be the same. Quick results, less effort.  I call this kind of thinking “the microwave syndrome”.
[spacer height=”5px”] The microwave syndrome is the belief that fat accumulated over years can go away within weeks, leaving you with a toned lean body. And I guess you can, we’ve seen it on celebrities and they look absolutely amazing, so why can’t we? With the use of waist trainers and food supplementation shakes and pills and drastic diets it’s quite easy, especially with the right pockets. And honestly there’s nothing wrong with that, however there are a few things I’d like you to think about what you may not be aware of when purchasing these products.

First let us define a supplement

It is a product that is taken orally consisting of either, herbs, nutrients or any other ingredients that add to your diet. They are generally created for the promotion of weight loss or the provision of the replacement of nutrients that a consumer does not get enough from their daily meals.

Dietary Supplements may contain:-

  • Amino Acids
  • Herbs
  • Enzymes
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Glandular extracts

All these are meant to give you what that particular supplement has promised you, and that’s ok because all we want at the end of the day is to better ourselves.

So what’s The Big Deal?

When you look at the pros, there really isn’t a big deal really – especially if you will be getting the required results after all. They help curb your cravings and make you feel full before you’ve had enough to eat, speed up your metabolism and help your body absorb less fat from foods.

They help you lose weight by stimulating your metabolism for the utilisation of energy. One of primary ingredients used in some of these products with metabolic support is caffeine which is a central stimulant of the nerves normally used to help you burn fat through a process called thermogenesis (a production of heat within the body).

Many of these diet supplements are harmless, I mean they don’t kill you, except maybe to increase your blood pressure, make your heart rate a bit abnormal especially when working out. But they don’t kill you.

They may however contain certain ingredients which you might not know about as they won’t appear on the packaging due to them being banned. Namely:-

  • Ephedra
  • Hydroxycut
  • Fen-phen
  • Meridia

According to research, these ingredients were banned due to their severe side effects such as liver damage, high risks of heart attacks and strokes and kidney failures, heart damage and lung disease. Other reactions include hepatitis and jaundice.

This is not to say that all supplements and diet pills have these side effects but you can never be really sure because the FDA has stated that they do not test every product. The best way to go about getting the right supplement is through consultation with your doctor first. But the main question to ask our self when purchasing a supplement is whether you really need it or you are merely looking for a quick fix.

You see the issue with a quick fix can sometimes not be due to their ingredients but the cycle they tend to create in our minds once we start using them. They create a sense of dependability towards them, making us feel as though we cannot survive without them or lose weight without them. This then leads to the abuse of the supplement as we crave to get the promised results. And then something happens.. .

You lose the weight but then gain it all back again or our body decides not to respond to your supplement ,and you get frustrated only to make you want more of the supplement because in your mind you believe it the only way you can achieve your health or weight loss goal.

That’s nothing really as it simply means you are goal orientated which is not a bad characteristic to have, except in this case scenario it might just lead you to having several eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Sometimes they may lead down a road of addiction. But all of these differ from person to person based on their biological make up and overall character.

So to conclude, supplements can be harmful depending on their ingredients and the only way to find out is through consulting with your doctor as you can never be sure of the information listed on them. They may help you reach your goal also depending on your body’s DNA but the best way to go about living a healthy lifestyle that you can be sure of is by eating healthy and exercising regularly.


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