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It’s no secret that I’m passionate about purposeful living. Matter of fact, I’m convinced that a life without purpose is nothing more than mere existence…

There’s so much perseverance and discipline that stems from a hope in something greater than just surviving and waiting on the waves of life to take us to and fro, here and there. Life surely does it’s best to shrink us to nothingness, and at times we lose heart, balance and direction. The secret, I suppose, is to get up and keep going.

I’ve been feeling quite motivated to take responsibility and go after my dreams. I’ve come to the realisation that I am the only person strong enough to stand in the way of my purpose being fulfilled. This knowledge has made all the difference. It holds me solely responsible for my dreams and future. I can no longer blame my past or other people (as much as people may try to bring me down, they never could unless I allow them to). This knowledge has been holding me accountable ever since, as empowering as it also is.

Only I can make my dreams come true, and only I can stand in the way of them. This makes me my greatest hero and my greatest obstacle. It is up to me what I become. The same certainly applies to each and every person alive. It may sound cliche, but your life is truly in your hands. there might be some comfort in blaming the world and those around us for the things that happen to us; but let’s be real for a moment: attitude is everything.

You may not be able to choose what life throws at you, but you sure get to choose how you react to it. And the way you react to circumstances is the difference between success and failure. Take control and take responsibility.

*This blog post was originally published on 7 May 2017, here on the insideWomen Blog

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