Project Runway: DUT Edition 2013


So it is my duty to up-date thee with the happenings from my pre-blog days. Seriously? I should’ve started blogging long ago. So here goes…

DUT hosts an annual Project Runway: The DUT Edition! Last year was our turn and I must say the 2013 second year group showed proper flames! We designed according to the given theme ‘Citrus Fruit’. I further then allowed this theme to inspire my colour palate and for the actual design it was an exploration of how shapes created and lines used can change the appearance of the shape of the body. So the result was the yellow and blue number you see appearing TWICE.

PS. Pictures for my designs (for school and for clients) are available on a facebook page started by me and my very best bud Serati Mofammere. Here’s the linkidy link

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