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I am a natural and organic product fanatic, everything that comes as natural as it can get – has all my attention especially when it comes to my hair…


Nature Box Body & Hair products have ticked all the boxes from the natural packaging appearance to the smell of Nature. I was chosen to do a trial with Nature Box. The Nature Box products are available in 4 different ranges (Avocado, Coconut, Apricot and Almond) and I had to choose one, the Avocado line.


I chose the avocado line because as some of you would know that avocado oil is rich in vitamins, proteins and amino acids which helps protect, repair and moisturise your hair and scalp. The Nature Box package included Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair serum, Body scrub and Shower gel. I was so excited that the very same day I got the products became my wash day 💆🏾‍♀️


THE SHAMPOO has a pleasing foam with a thick feeling, very easy to rinse off and leaving your hair smelling fresh 👌🏾


THE CONDITIONER leaves hair feeling soft and well moisturised and it smells like a real avocado 😋


THE HAIR SERUM is a secret repairing cream that seals in moisture and has a pleasant avocado smell 💯


✔️ The packaging appearance is beautiful and eye catching.

✔️ The star ingredient fragrance is captured and smells like avocado.

✔️ The products do the right job, which is leaving your hair clean, fresh and moisturised.


👎🏾  The Hair serum application method. Rather than the pressing method, I prefer scooping the cream with my figures from a tub.


I definitely recommend it to anyone, I am pretty sure you will love it as much as I do, whether you have natural hair or relaxed hair. You can purchase it nationwide from Clicks, Dischem, Checkers, PnP and Takealot 🛒


P.S. I am absolutely buying the Coconut line next time 😉

And that’s not all, Nature Box products are not only made using natural ingredients. They are also 100% cold pressed oils, free from non-essentials, vegan and eco-friendly 🌎


Are you also a natural and organic product lover? If you are, you know that to do


Make sure you know exactly which products to buy and click HERE to see the ‘Nature Box Avocado Range’ 👌🏾


Yours with Love,
Joy Myakayaka ✍🏾

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