Priceless Value in Gratitude


Each one of us has most probably at some point had a person or people that have selflessly helped us through life. Some of whom had nothing to gain from helping us. Just out of the goodness of their hearts, they offered us assistance in various forms for the different aspects of our lives that required a helping hand.

A helping hand that proved to have been very much a necessity when you look at it retrospectively.

How often do we then go back to those individuals and appreciate that which they have been gracious enough to do for us?! More often than not, you will find that we rarely take the time out to appreciate the help received and actually simply say: “Thank You.”

So many of us are where we are right now because of the people that have tirelessly upheld us. Some of which we may have the pleasure of knowing personally and others that have done so without even our knowledge.

It is true that no man is an island and it would be totally arrogant of us to claim that we have achieved all we have, entirely on our own without the assistance of angels in human form that have been instrumental in smoothing out our path along the way.

I write to you in this manner in the hope that you will take a brief account of your life. Firstly, appreciative of how far you have come and also taking into cognisance the individuals that have helped you get there.

Be it through mentorship, offering sound advices, being there for you emotionally, academically and especially, but not particularly limited to, financial support.

For any individual that has offered you assistance that has propelled you forward, in whatever manner when a need arose, it would be a humble gesture to go back to them and simply say: “Thank You”.

Truth be told, many of us owe much of our success in whatever sphere we find ourselves in, to individuals that have been “working behind the scenes” and propelling us forward to succeed.

Perhaps some of them did not even expect anything in return but for us to go up to them and let them know we recognise their input towards us becoming the better people that we are, and how they have played an active role in that betterment process would be a marvellous point of humility on our part.

Who has particularly aided you thus far in life? Some for a brief moment , others for lengthier periods of time. Have you had the humility of heart to thank them? I encourage you do so today.

Express it and let your appreciation be known to them 🌹

*This blog post was first published on 21 February 2019, here on the insideWomen Blog

Inspirationally Yours,

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