Practice What You Preach 🎤


As an avid reader, I cannot even recall how many self help books I have gone through. I love a book that motivates me to be better by providing practical solutions to my shortcomings…


It always feels like just the thing I need at the time. Of course they get redundant, but that is not the point here. The point is that I have read so much of this stuff that it is ingrained in my head 💡

I am not complaining, I am into the whole “rewiring your brain to improve yourself” thing. I believe in free will, I believe that we are the masters of our own destiny – that our past and present do not determine who we are. I believe in self responsibility. Just reflecting on this makes me feel good inside, but my oh my, nobody could have prepared me for what it takes to put all these concepts into practice 🤯


Talk is truly cheap. There is a difference between knowing a concept in theory, and actually applying it in your daily life. It is simple, but it is not easy. Rewiring your mind for example, sounds as simple as recognising your trauma patterns and replacing them with healthier behaviour. Actually studying your subconscious through your behaviour and thoughts however, usually unveils how deep the rabbit hole of your negative beliefs goes


There is always more work to do. The same thing applies in business. Reading a business self help book is so much easier than being an actual entrepreneur in the real world, where you are constantly challenged by what you can only learn through experience 💪🏾


In business, you are thrown into the deep end before you learn how to swim. You learn as you go, and go through many learning curves. You fall, you get up again only to fall again. You sacrifice your social life, sometimes even your health! You invest so much of yourself into something that might fail anyway. When a book says you need thick skin to survive, believe it 💯

It is not all sweat and tears, however. The journey to self improvement or business success is a reward all on its own. Knowing and improving yourself is good work. Growing a business or realising your wildest dream is good work. These things give so much depth and meaning to life 😌


We should aspire to do them – not only for how great it feels to reach our goals, but also for the lessons we learn along the way. Instead of seeing obstacles as reasons to give up, let us see them instead as opportunities to practice what we preach 🙌🏾


Yours in Inspiration,
SammyVundla ✍🏾 

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