Poetry: How To Fall In Love

[spacer height=”20px”] If you must, then fall in love with someone who will remind you to breathe when the weight of your troubles weighs too heavy on your chest at midnight.
Fall for a peace that calms your thunderstorms.
Fall for someone who’ll talk you through an anxiety attack on a typical work day, someone who calls to tell you to open the blinds to let the sunlight in when you’d much rather be swallowed by the bed you fell asleep in.
Fall for long phone calls about the vastness of the universe and the meaning of life, but also fall for cliche pet names and sending each other pictures of your feet.
Fall for your best friend, the first person you call… good news or bad.
Fall for someone who remembers your every aspiration as if it were their own.
Fall for a curious soul that asks you detailed questions about scientific theories you obviously don’t know, someone who knows you’d be interested in knowing that Stephen Hawking’s thesis is available for you to read… even though you’ve never even talked about Stephen Hawking.
If love ever affords you the chance, fall for this.

Yours in ✍🏾


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