Poetry: Distance

[spacer height=”20px”] I look into your eyes with awe when you talk about the things you love.

I watch your face light up and morph into that infectious smile when something random makes you laugh.

My heart warms at the sight of you in that moment, because no laugh is as genuine and no smile is as captivating.

We just hang out, bored, with nothing to do.

We have indoor picnics and play board games.

We don’t watch Black Panther, not again! You try to of course, but I manage to stop you before the first scene ends.

We laugh and laugh and laugh.

We watch TEDtalks on YouTube.

Our hands actually touch.

I know the temperature of your skin.

I recognise your scent even in your absence, but we’re rarely ever apart.

We take long walks together, and random selfies just so you can tell me again that your iPhone is better than my Samsung.

We sit outside and stare at the sky at night, marvelling at the beauty of the universe in silence.

We talk about telescopes. We actually buy a telescope.

We eat together, I shake my head as I watch you chew. I eat your fries. I always eat your fries.

You catch up on your series and I catch up on my sewing.

You practice Mathematics as I plot my next prank.

You pretend my pranks don’t work but we both know I get you every time.

I try to draw a portrait of you. I fail.

I write you love letters and watch you read them.

I read books for you.

I hold you whenever I want to.

In my dreams, there is no distance separating us.

Poetically yours,


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