Pain Is To Be Transcended


Most if not all of us go through struggles in life and circumstances that literally rip our hearts out of our chests and cause us to emotionally bleed profusely. I’m sure you can relate because, dare I say, some way or the other, each of us has had an encounter with a painful experience.

Alright! So, now that we have established that each one of us has at some point crossed paths with atleast one painful experience or another, here’s what I’d like to turn your focus towards today…

Yeah sure you’ve been hurt, perhaps even more times than you are able to count but I do sincerely believe that every painful experience we go through is not only supposed to just hurt and leave us scarred for life. There is always beautiful lessons enveloped in the heart-wrenching experiences for us to take home.

However, unless and until you find the courage to look over and above the pain, it is highly unlikely that you will find the lessons that exist therein.

We cannot by any means trivialize pain of any sort or make it seem insignificant but pain, in whatever form,  serves no purpose if its just gonna hurt us and leave us being the exact same people we were before the painful encounter.

My wish for us this day is that we may first acknowledge that pain has been felt, matter of factly it exists. However, true as it may be, but I desire for each one of us to be able to say: “Out of this painful experience, this is the lessons I have drawn out”.

Furthermore,  we should by all means refrain from the never ending pity parties where we constantly nurse the painful experiences and indulge in self-pity without allowing ourselves to heal, move forward and be better people because of the very experiences. There should at some point come a season where we utilise the wisdom gained therein for our own benefit as well as the good of others too.

Surely there are tons of people that are awaiting to learn from our painful experience and draw both wisdom and strength to overcome their own battles with pain victoriously.

Unless and until we transcend our own pain, others cannot draw their own healing from our wounds. Hurt. Heal. Help. Turn your wounds into wisdom. Over, above and beyond your painful experiences lies a balm for the healing of others and it is your duty to draw it out and present it to them.

Transcend your own painful encounters.

Inspirationally Yours,

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