Being a Woman In The Workplace - 3 tips closer to 'woke-ness' by Mpumz
April 15, 2015

From 2Gud 2Eat: #ChilizaWeddingCake

It is always so great to witness the bringing together of two beautiful souls to live together in perfect harmony! During the ‘ten day’ holiday we had after Easters I had the absolute privilege and pleasure to design and make a wedding cake for a wonderful wedding affair! The actual ceremony was held at the

April 14, 2015

Welcome ALL!!!

The Inside Aphsie Blog has comfortably found a brand new home, she has also done some growing of her own! She has been established as a blog that empowers the follower through many inspirational pieces which offer uncontaminated truth. Do feel right at home and always be ready for the transformation of your mind and

April 9, 2015

It’s A LIE!!!

It’s all such a huge, GIGANTIC lie. We all know who the father of lies is right? John 8:44. I have found out, slowly but surely, that life is definitely and absolutely not at all what I had accepted it to be my entire life. I have leaned that it is not as difficult as

March 26, 2015

We Learn, We Grow…

Oh the gossip lovers are going to be so disappointed. This is not a ‘name and shame’ type of post. It speaks of using ALL of your past experiences and encounters to your advantage! The reason I, personally, value education so much is because once you gain that piece of knowledge it can never EVER

March 21, 2015

Be Enough For You!

I have always been all for independence and never quite grasped the concept of self-sufficiency. My father has had a major role in making sure I thoroughly comprehend this ideal and that I further adopt it as my own. I had always been under the impression that self-sufficiency is the highest level of selfishness. I