December 20, 2014

2Gud 2Eat Indeed!!

These are the most recent works of art we have created!!! Was an absolute pleasure to design and make them! One was my 21st Dinner Party Birthday Cake. One thing that made making this event fairly easy to out together, is that my mom had been planning my party since early last year. Mama was

December 15, 2014

21st Birthday and Thanksgiving Dinner Party!

Like how exciting??? Lol, I think my excitement will last me well until I turn 22, and then the excitement process will just go by advancing, lol! From one age to the next!!! Buuuuut, this year I turned 21!!!! Like finally!! Lol, all this excitement is made of two components; the first being that I

November 28, 2014

Look Forward and Hope

What have I learnt the past few days?? That would be the absolute importance of these two things. Now let me break it down ya’ll… The first statement: Hope, but never expect. Simply because expectation often leads to disappointment. I strongly believe that having hope bares better results than those of expectation. A lot of

November 23, 2014

Sunday Service – 23/11/2014

Word by Apostle MC Dhlomo ‘Moses is DEAD!!’ – Joshua 1: 1-4 – Busking in the glory of the past is the reason most people are not able to live a further successful life. Don’t be married to the past! – The disability to embrace the future makes turns one irrelevant today! – 2 Corinthians

November 21, 2014

DIY Fridays!

How these days started is a really good story to tell, Spring cleaning got me to so excited because of all of the things I found that I had forgotten all about. It really felt like I had gone on a 4-Day Shopping Spree, so I weighed my options: what else could I do that