Valuing My Vagina by Mack
August 19, 2019

Pounding the Pavement

“You did what?!” the typical reaction I get when someone hears I just spent my Sunday morning running 30 or so kilometres. When you’re a runner, it’s either people totally get you or think you’re completely out of your mind (that is until, they themselves start running). I must admit, I did start running as

August 15, 2019

A Special Day…

This was an interesting topic to write about, I had chosen “Special Day” in our monthly hat pick of topics. I’m sure this meant writing about an interesting event or outing, but why not shake things up? The following is an excerpt from a novel I’m writing… Hope you enjoy it! “This place is stuffy,

August 13, 2019
Visiting Blogger


A heart that loves is a heart of gold for nothing can ever compare to love It is a place called home for where love is life lives A heart that loves is one of a kind, filled with promise and hope It sings songs of mornings and tomorrows Has no place for sorrows for

August 8, 2019

‘We’re Going to Need More Wine’ by Gabrielle Union-Wade

“How perfect is the title of this book?” is the question I would constantly ask myself every time the plot gets thicker and I actually needed a sip 🍷 I mean acting is a form of storytelling, so should we really be so surprised that Ms Union-Wade managed to pull yet another stellar performance?.. I

August 6, 2019

Living Simply

Strive for a drama-free, stress-free, uncomplicated, non-attention grabbing, simple and fulfilling life as far as it depends on you.  The life where there is no pressure for conformity or being anything else other than your true self.  Without any negative vibes and/ or auras and certainly without any need to be “trendy” for any reason other