November 7, 2017

I’m in the perfect relationship ?

I can guess your reaction to this article’s title: ??LIES! My response: “Haters gon’ hate!”  So what? ? My response: “So-so suck your toes, all the way to MEXICO!!” Yaaas ??You go get it gurl! My response: “Yes, I will! You know you’re the bomb right?!” Let’s face it: we all live our lives differently.

November 3, 2017

Taboo Topic: Mental health

In the past few months, this topic has become more and more intriguing to me. With October being mental health awareness month in South Africa (bet you didn’t know that), I thought perhaps this would be an opportune time to address this taboo. Why is it that historically, and currently black African society refuses to

November 1, 2017


I want to hold it in But if I don’t self-express I self-destruct. Overexposed young blood runs in me so weary and cold. Frost-bitten chambers of this heart have grown old. In days of old, broken heart stories were forever told. Told by the most broken of hearts, in fear of inevitable disaster foretold. Told

October 30, 2017

It’s nice to meet you

So, Summer 17 is upon us (Insert dancing girl emoji) and I’m sure we all have plans of enjoying it to the fullest. Holidays often come with SO MANY social gatherings whether be it family, friends, co-workers – allof. It’s all in the name of the festive season but guys, is it just me who

October 27, 2017

Bffs & Summer Jams

With December just around the corner and the good times about to roll, while me and my best friends were talking about our plans for the festive season, music became a part of the planning so we all decided to share some of our favorite summer jams and create a fire playlist for the time

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