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June 12, 2019

Not Everyone Wishes You Well

This is such a sad truth, one that has taken me longer than I’d wish for to believe… In my head: everyone around me loves and supports me just as much as my parents do. The amount of love and support I grew up receiving from both my parents made me so sure that once

June 10, 2019

Be The Friend You Desire To Have

So very often we intentionally and unintentionally desire friendships that last and with persons who will be loyal to us no matter what. Don’t we all need that friend whom you know without a shadow of doubt that they would always have your back? The certainty of knowing you can totally and completely depend on

June 6, 2019

Work, Work, Hard Work!

I’m no marketing guru, but doesn’t it seem like almost every new invention has the same promise attached to it – to make life easier by saving you time and effort. This concept is applied in every existing industry. Think about it… Instant noodles, instant porridge, frozen meals, meal replacements, health supplements, kitchen gadgets and

June 4, 2019

Moments of Mourning

I sincerely hoped that my debut into the “blog-o-sphere” would be on a more lighthearted, upbeat, kick-ass note. But the weight of the last week has me wanting to reach out to someone who may understand the waves of grief and mourning that tackle you in the midst of navigating your way through life –

May 29, 2019

Holding On or Letting Go

Often times we come across people with whom we develop strong bonds and forge relationships with.  However as time goes, some of those relationships fall through the cracks and don’t withstand the test of time. In the few decades of my existence life has personally taught me that it’s most crucial in life to know