November 27, 2018

When I Turned 25 💡

I am fully aware that for some people age is just a number, and I am definitely not one of those people🙅🏾As a matter of fact I thrive on attaching sentimental value to life’s experiences, so much that words like: “you’re so extra” or “you’re too deep” have been used as an attempt to try

November 23, 2018
Visiting Blogger

Self Appreciation

Often times we wait for others to shower us with love and endearment that we get disappointed when (and if) they withhold such from us… We anticipate words of praise and worship from external forces and often overlook that the most powerful and sincere ‘pat-on-the-back’ is from within ourselves. Self- appreciation isn’t necessarily a narcissist

November 21, 2018

South Africa: Where To From Here?

What does progress look like for South Africa going forth? That is the main question we are faced with as a nation. Terms like radical economic transformation, free decolonized education and land expropriation without compensation are the current buzzwords for South Africa’s woke generation. It’s truly inspiring to watch us pick ourselves up and dust

November 19, 2018
Visiting Blogger

1 Push-up a Day

So I’ve had a lady on one of my social media accounts ask me how I managed to get to the level of strength and fitness that I’m in currently. She wasn’t very pleased with my response as I told her I started with 1 pushup a day. I further explained that as cliché as

November 15, 2018

Afro Talks Pyjama Party

Imagine this: it’s a cool, laid-back evening in Durban. The stars and moon are out, and the scenery is perfect✨ I’ve just driven into the Cornubia Mall in Durban, right? I walked into the Gagasi FM studios and am welcomed with a glass of fine wine 🍷 Just as I close my eyes in enjoyment