The Blood Type Diet by Aphelele
October 24, 2018

Why Women Should Be Strong

It’s 2018 and strong is the new sexy. We are seeing more women confidently lifting heavy weights, doing intense kickass workouts and killing it. If that’s not sexy then I don’t know what is. Gone are the days when women were seen as fragile and weak. Women are now challenging themselves in every way possible

October 22, 2018

Know When To Quit

“Winners never quit!” – how many times have you heard that? I lost count 💁🏾 I also lived most of my life firmly believing this. I have since come to realise that even though this is a great piece of advice, sometimes leaving something is winning… We are now living in a time where the words:

October 18, 2018

Do More or Do Different?

Stupidity is doing the same thing over & over whilst expecting different results – Albert Einstein So why do we default to adding more of the same effort when our desired goal seems to keep moving further out of reach? Maybe all you need is a fresh approach. Today I want to challenge you to go

October 16, 2018
Visiting Blogger


What does it mean to be a womxn? Firstly, as a Black Radical Feminist, I use the word “womxn” rather than “woman” to veer away from the societal construct that defines womxn as an appendage, extension or variant of man, the construct that makes man the constant point of reference. So back to my question.

October 12, 2018

Before 25

So a girl is turning 25 this year! Yay! I feel old and mature just saying the number 25 😂 Maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age, however. That being said, here are five lessons I’m glad I learned before I turned 25… 1. Find You The journey to self discovery is the most important you