Before 25 by BlackSacredSam
August 27, 2018

Workout For Endurance

If you are just like me and like testing yourself, beating the odds, pushing against your body’s boundaries and limits then this is for you! Complete the workout in your own pace and time. Keep a record of your finish time so the next time you do it, you beat your previous time. Here you

August 23, 2018

Do You Even Know What Depression Is?

Okay let’s settle this once and for all, do you guys actually know what depression is? I’m not even joking, this is a question I posed on Twitter the other day and the responses were scary. I really don’t think some of us know what depression is and because of that we have a so

August 21, 2018

Vans, van Gogh and Artistic Integrity

A friend of mine recently shared a post about a collaboration between Vans and the Vincent van Gogh museum. Instead of discussing the details of the collaboration, let’s rather look at the result…   I personally like the yellow sneakers, but that is about it. I love Vincent van Gogh’s work, but I don’t care

August 17, 2018

Self-Check: Mid-Year Reflection

Last week, I sat across the desk from my manager for my mid-year performance review. As we rambled through the list of things I had committed to deliver, my growth and development prospects, what’s next for the balance of the year, I got to thinking…what about my personal goals? Where am I as a person

August 15, 2018

What Does Health and Fitness Mean?

We are constantly bombarded with the ‘how to-s’ of fat loss, 10 day this – 12 weeks that, all in the name of health and fitness. But do we ever think to ourselves what fitness really is, or do we just go with the next best thing or new fitness trend? Not to bore you