November 21, 2017

Who Are Your Friends?

What a difficult question to answer… When I was younger I could very easily answer this question, but I’m finding that as I get older it ain’t so easy y’all! Well kinda… “What’s making it so hard to answer this?” is a constant thought on my mind ? The truth is there are many things

November 17, 2017

Eyebags and Dimples: A Book Review

I had this book for a good two months before picking it up. The title alone struck me. Firstly, I also have dark circles around my eyes (a family trademark that no eye cream can fix) which I am very self-conscious about, so that alone made me feel like “argh, this book is going to

November 15, 2017

My secret garden, my peace.

“Find your peace, protect your peace.”- that’s my life motto… Well, one of a few to be honest. There are fewer things I value more than contentment and peace, perhaps because I know all too well the burdensome load of negativity, the heaviness of just not being comfortable in my own skin. I searched deep

November 13, 2017

That time of the Year…

What is the purpose of living? What does it really mean to live? Can we really be happy with life? Is there a such as thing  happiness? Or do we just roll with the punches and call that happiness? These are the questions I believe that most of us find ourselves asking at some point

November 9, 2017

We should all be feminists book review

Feminism is such a touchy subject. You mention the word and it is often met with eye rolls and all sorts of unpleasantries (from both men and women). Unflattering stereotypes about women who are feminists are tossed around and it has often left a bitter taste in my mouth, it’s also hard to understand why

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