Love is a Free Spirit by BlackSacredSam
June 14, 2018

Quick Fixes

We live in a modern world where everything is fast paced and easily accessible so I guess it’s expected that fat loss should automatically be the same. Quick results, less effort.  I call this kind of thinking “the microwave syndrome”. The microwave syndrome is the belief that fat accumulated over years can go away within

June 12, 2018

Sacred (part 1): overshare?

I recently saw an Instagram video of a woman giving birth, and it wasn’t the first. Now that I think of it, more and more of such personal and sacred moments are being put out there for the world to see. From pregnancy shoots and child birth, to relationship goals and ugly break ups.., it

June 7, 2018

Zethe M “Qhawekazi” EP Launch & Interview

At first I thought they picked the wrong girl to invite to this launch because I was 100% sure I would fan out but there’s a piece of advice my uncle gave me about fanning out, he said “You gotta act like the shit don’t stink, you’re just as important as the person you think

June 4, 2018

The Corporation – where dreams go to die

Ok, so maybe the title is a little dramatic. But for those who are in a steady (or not so steady) gig, how many times do you stop to think – am I living my dream? For me, the question has been crossing my mind more and more and honestly, the answer is just “I

May 29, 2018

Excuses, excuses 😒

How many times will you wake up two hours later the time you know you are meant to be up by? For as long as you use that “I’m feeling sick” excuse, riiight ? Make RESULTS not excuses This time it really is as easy as it sounds. Majority of the time I have seemed to