Being a Woman In The Workplace - 3 tips closer to 'woke-ness' by Mpumz
August 17, 2018

Self-Check: Mid-Year Reflection

Last week, I sat across the desk from my manager for my mid-year performance review. As we rambled through the list of things I had committed to deliver, my growth and development prospects, what’s next for the balance of the year, I got to thinking…what about my personal goals? Where am I as a person

August 15, 2018

What Does Health and Fitness Mean?

We are constantly bombarded with the ‘how to-s’ of fat loss, 10 day this – 12 weeks that, all in the name of health and fitness. But do we ever think to ourselves what fitness really is, or do we just go with the next best thing or new fitness trend? Not to bore you

August 13, 2018

Easy Does It…

But does easy win it??

August 9, 2018

Poetry: How To Fall In Love

If you must, then fall in love with someone who will remind you to breathe when the weight of your troubles weighs too heavy on your chest at midnight. Fall for a peace that calms your thunderstorms. Fall for someone who’ll talk you through an anxiety attack on a typical work day, someone who calls

August 3, 2018
Visiting Blogger


I came across a certain picture that totally made sense to me, spoke volumes lucidly. A picture of paving bricks shaped and arranged in a specific consistent pattern, with another brick that is oddly shaped and out of place but placed awkwardly with the others. This illustration immediately jumped to me: how often do we