December 18, 2018

Online Shopper: to be or not to be?

To be or not to be? Should we trust an online store with our banking details?? Many have found online shopping to be so convenient, yet we can’t overlook the many online-money fraud stories we have also heard. With so many of our trusted department stores, such as Mr. Price, Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers,

December 13, 2018


I remember my teenage years with a conviction in my heart. I remember the dreams I had for myself, for the powerful and inspirational woman I was going to grow into. I had my life mapped out, I had goals and I had plans and I was going to achieve them no matter what it

December 11, 2018

Enjoying Your Stay-cation

Limited leave days, fully booked holiday destinations, and just wanting some quiet time? How about a stay-cation? So, the past holiday season was a different one for me. For a lot of various reasons, leaving Joziwood to join friends and family for the “all-you-can eat Christmas lunch” and overcrowded beach days was just not possible.

December 6, 2018

Your Body

We are uniquely and wonderfully created. We come in different shapes and sizes to each serve a purpose in this world which is not the same as the woman next to you. So look at yourself in the mirror and say “I am goddess!” Your weight, complexion, hair texture/colour, shoe or jean size doesn’t define

December 4, 2018

Young, Gifted & Black – N’fuzed Energy

So, I had initially planned for this piece to be for November as it is well known for being the month for men to celebrate their masculinity, however I still think it’s a very fitting piece to end the year off with. I’ve been really obsessed with celebrating young, gifted, black men and women in