February 28, 2019

No To Your Nostalgia

No To Your Nostalgiaby BlackSacredSam It is not a loud passionate hate.It is no longer racial slursfrom a heart overflowingwith disgust and intolerance. No, it is a whisper…From a friend…Saying that you’re notlike the rest of them…your people.“You’re so well spoken.” It’s a subtle nostalgia for the pastin the comments of a Facebook post.Cringeworthy.“The streets

February 26, 2019

It Could Never Be The Same

After heartbreak, or after a loss – my goodness even after experiencing some sort of defeat or failure, things just aren’t ever the same again, are they?.. I would like to believe that I am a faithful bearer of hope, and that I do my best to always have a positive attitude and I find

February 21, 2019

Priceless Value in Gratitude

Each one of us has most probably at some point had a person or people that have selflessly helped us through life. Some of whom had nothing to gain from helping us. Just out of the goodness of their hearts,  they offered us assistance in various forms for the different aspects of our lives that

February 19, 2019

Online VS Connected

I get so much slack from my friends and family for not answering my Whatsapp messages and/or Instagram DM’s and I’ve just gotten super tired of explaining myself to them because if I’m keeping it 100 – I also don’t know why I do it. I would say it’s a bad habit but then I’d

February 15, 2019

The Greatest Love Of All

[spacer height=”20px”] I think Whitney Houston was really onto something when she wrote this song. The greatest love you’ll ever know is within oneself. Religion and various societal norms praise individuals that put their needs after those of others. The sacrificial love of God giving His only Son for the forgiveness of humanity’s sins, parents