Ordinary To EXTRAordinay


Now at first glance it may seem to be a pompous statement (assuming the writer is Christian). It’s gets a lot of people thinking “Oh, yeah? God’s people are SO special huh?”

Understandable, that reaction… Though I (personally) feel that this quote highlights our ordinariness-ness (lol) as God’s people. Of course the next question is: Aren’t we all God’s people? True that really, we are ALL of us. What makes a big difference though is us, intentionally, acknowledging God’s powers and allowing Him to be God in our lives. So in reality that’s what makes us extraordinary.  

Weeeeell, I’m in the fashion industry so God gave me an analogy that reflects that: just as the designer of the garment would know how they intended for the garment to be worn and look like right at the end, that is just how much, probably more, God knows exactly what He intended with our lives. Soooo imagine how well orchestrated your life would be if you allow God to be Lord and God in your life? #ExtraordinaryVibes

Biggest decision to make: Who is God in your life? Do you chose to be ordinary or extraordinary?

Yours in inspiration,

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