New Year, New You?


Happy New Year to you beautiful party people πŸŽ‰ You do know that I’ve got nothing but love for you, right? It is definitely not with a negative, grinch-like spirit that I write this blog post to you…

Can you tell what exactly it is about new things that bring new hope and a renewed faith in us all? I, personally, admire the sort-of positive outlook that (what seems like) the whole world instantly has on the first day of a new year. No seriously, we all seem to believe that the new days brought by the new year equal new opportunities for new achievements just waiting for us to claim them. I love it – it’s as if, for one moment in time we are all optimists ✊🏾

Now imagine carrying that same outlook with you for the rest of the year, wouldn’t that just be great? But wait, just having this great outlook on life isn’t enough to make your dreams come true – you are aware of this, right? You know how they say teamwork makes the dream work? Yeah, well I strongly believe that you (the individual) are the first ‘team’ you need to first build up. “Aphsie, you cray – what do you mean?”, you might ask – well…

What I mean is that in order to be a successful dream chaser, one has to do a group of things as opposed to just one:

DREAM – dare to have a dream, turn it into a vision, have a plan and then break it down to real-life, attainable goals. I would suggest you dream big, the ‘how-to’ will come in through your attainable goals βœ”οΈ

BELIEVE – once you’ve declared your dream, turned it into your vision and have set out your goals; believe that you can do this! Because you really can, when it comes to living out your dreams it’s mind over matter βœ”οΈ

ACHIEVE – just by believing that you can do it, you are steadily propelling yourself to reach your goals and (in the long run) achieve your dreams βœ”οΈ

Guys, growth is gradual – if you put in the necessary work (little by little) you will definitely see the progress πŸ’―

This is a definite way to mind your own business and become a pro at adulting πŸ‘ŒπŸΎAre you feeling positive for the new year? Do you have any resolutions and plans on how to crush them? Leave a comment below and let’s converse πŸ’¬

Yours in ✍🏾

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