Need For Control


There comes a point in our lives where we have to totally and absolutely  surrender to the process.

At times it might seem like we always have to have things figured out and always in the know as to what the next step should entail. 

But reality is that life takes many unexpected twists and turns that are usually far beyond our control.

Then there is also our inherent need as humans to always have things in order. To always know what is going on, to always be ontop of our game. That dearest friends is ultimately us exerting unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

Truth of the matter is that we don’t always have things figured out, in-fact, nobody expects us to have a detailed plan clearly outlining every aspect of our lives.

We place ourselves under such an enormous amount of pressure by always needing to control anything and everything. 

There comes a point in our lives where we have to completely and utterly let go of our need for control. 

We won’t always have things figured out. We won’t always have control of what happens  and doesn’t happen to us. We won’t always be knowledgeable as to what the next step entails AND THAT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL.

It’s ok to want things to work out a certain way, to have an expectation of what should happen at which certain point of our lives… Unfortunately though, things don’t always work out as we might have envisioned.

We will encounter setbacks. We will come across challenges and at times we might not even know which path or direction to take next… That is also ok.

I am by no means promoting mediocrity and not having a drive to achieve things or neglecting the basic principle of goal setting. 

I am merely noting to you that sometimes our need for control may be the very source of our frustration thus hampering our progress.

Every now and then it’s necessary to slow down, take stock of everything and acknowledge that you do not have utter control of everything.

We live out lives from a point of hopefulness and anticipating the absolute best for our lives, however, great as that may be, we should also be brought to the attention that things will not always work out in our favour. We should then be able to take that in our stride and not allow it to deter us but instead be the momentum we require to propel forward and try even harder.

Basically all I am saying is this;  trust the process, let go of the need to have total grip of everything. 

Trust that God undoubtedly has your back and as the writer of Romans 8:28 puts it profoundly in saying: “For we know that ALL things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

Rest in that knowledge and give up the need for control in exchange for faith in a God that is yet to turn against His word.

Yours in Inspiration,

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  1. Oh wow lady, you speak so much truth. I must admit that just the idea of allowing myself to ‘let go’ of the control I believe I have in every situation is so scary, yet it’s an important step that will get me closer to just enjoying life for what is 💗

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