National Choir Festival – KZN


I had the lovely opportunity to attend the National Choir Festival in Durban this passed Saturday (30/08/2014). I surprisingly had such an amazing time! Okaaaay, okaaaaay confession!

There was a point where I felt a tad bit sleepy, but that could be because it was the whole day’s affair. We arrived at about 11am and the show came to a complete end at 17:00pm. Okay, so the background story is that we were invited as the Chonco family because my uncle (my father’s brother), his song was the prescribed song. I enjoyed the music so much, and I also found it so interesting to observe a visible difference between the classical and the light music/ cecular genre trends.

Of course I have to talk about the fashion up in this! Generally I was disappointed, to the point of discomfort, at the fabrication and the actual way the garments were made. Althooooough, there were a few (like maybe 2 or 3) designs that were a very good design idea and choice! You will see them in the attached pictures (two really, camera problems, one of the better one and the other the not-so-better one).

I strongly feel as though music shouldn’t be the absolute death of fashion! Thorough classical research must be done, and better more beautiful fabrics to be used. Here’s to fashionable change!

Yours in Inspiration,

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