My (wish I could say first) Fad Diet Experience


Over the last few months, my once awesome food and exercise regime went to the dogs – big time. A new job resulted in a disrupted routine and home renovations left my kitchen a construction zone for weeks.

I don’t believe in gimmicks or fad diets. I am living proof that clean eating and sensible lifestyle changes can help one manage and maintain weight loss, but the last 6 months have shown me 🔥 FLAAAAMES. My body just stopped responding. Cravings went through the roof, I’ve been too lethargic to exercise and my desperation levels had been amped to the max.

In a desperate plight to lose the EXTRA excess weight I already had, I went in search of a solution to jump start my weight loss. I have friends who’ve tried this before (some have failed dismally and others have gotten amazing results), but at this point, I really didn’t care. My colleague was also in my boat so we decided to go through the torture together.

There are numerous versions of this diet, but the basic meal plan is as follows (courtesy of


  • Breakfast: Black coffee (always without sugar and milk)
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs and cooked spinach (where no amount is specified on a food, you can have as much as you want)
  • Dinner: Lean grilled steak
FadDiet_Mpumz_Day 2
Decided to fast as long as I could (11am in this case) since there wasn’t much to look forward to. Had my coffee at 11 (and then some green tea). I wasn’t really hungry until I actually had my measly lunch which made my tummy grumble even more. Drank loads of water and lemon water. Hunger pangs got really bad around 4pm while driving to gym. Decided to push through anyway and had the world’s lamest workout. Supper was a welcome full meal and I was happy to go to sleep on a full stomach.


  • Breakfast: Black coffee with buttered whole wheat bread
  • Lunch: 200g Ham 
  • Dinner: Grilled lean steak, green salad (made with only lettuce and cucumber) and quality fruit
FadDiet_Mpumz_Day 2
Woke up not feeling hungry Had coffee and a very welcome slice of toast at around 10:30am. Tried very hard to stretch my lunch out slowly til about 2pm. Saved my piece of fruit as a pre-gym snack (learnt my lesson from the day before). Water, water, and more water in between. Survived gym. Didn’t have much of an appetite so didn’t really care about the ham for supper.


  • Breakfast: Black coffee and buttered whole wheat bread
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, tomato salad and green beans
  • Dinner: 1 slice of ham and green salad (only cucumber and lettuce)
FadDiet_Mpumz_Day 3
2 cups of coffee and toast was ok to get me through the morning. After the non-existent lunch, it was torture from there – no amount of lemon water, sparkling water or any water could distract me from the hunger pangs. I regretted forgetting my green beans and I suffered for it lawd! Exercise was out of the question. Supper didn’t help much either, I ate at 7pm and by 9pm my tummy was grumbling for daays. This must be what death feels like.


  • Breakfast: Black coffee and buttered whole wheat bread
  • Lunch: Cooked or raw carrots, with cheese
  • Dinner: Fruit salad (any fruits of your choice) and natural (plain) yogurt
FadDiet_Mpumz_Day 4
Morning – nothing to write home about, I’m still hungry, eating breakfast as late as possible. Could barely think during my 9am meeting salivating over toast. Couldn’t take the hunger so today I had 2 slices (I wonder if that will ruin everything?). Feeling dizzy and light-headed, had one carrot from my lunch to try keep it at bay. Lunch sucked, I wasn’t creative with the carrots and cheese sooo it was miserable. Had half my fruit and yoghurt in smoothie form alongside my grapes, mango and pineapple for supper (while the husbae had lasagne – DEATH). I was full, miserable, but full.


  • Breakfast: Carrot (cooked or raw) with lemon and black coffee
  • Lunch: Grilled white fish with raw tomato
  • Dinner: Grilled steak & green salad
FadDiet_Mpumz_Day 5
Ok breakfast today is just weird, but I didn’t care coz I could have real protein at lunch and dinner, so I could live. My “salad” at supper was a few green beans, tomato and some mashed cauliflower. I went to bed so happy 🙂


  • Breakfast: Black coffee and buttered wholewheat bread
  • Lunch: 200g Grilled skinned chicken
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs with carrots
FadDiet_Mpumz_Day 6
Woke up, went to gym (mostly just to weigh myself) then ordered a black filter coffee and one slice of toast. The scale says I’ve lost 1.7kg , I don’t think it’s enough reward for all the torture I’ve been through, but hey, I’ll take it. Chicken for lunch was enough to hold me over. Supper was terrible, I had to eat boiled eggs and carrots while en route to my aunt’s birthday dinner. That evening was the ultimate test of my will power.


  • Breakfast: Lemon tea
  • Lunch: Grilled steak & fruit
  • Dinner: Anything (even if its not on this list)!!!

I thought the promise of a cheat meal would make me feel better, but I was grumpy all morning sipping lemon tea whilst husbae had bacon and eggs. I wolfed down my steak and fruit lunch. It was gloves off at supper time – I had carrot cake from my aunt’s birthday dinner, as well as an amazing curry I made with all the trimmings. This is LIFE!


  • Breakfast: Black coffee with as much SUGAR as you like
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, cooked spinach
  • Dinner: 200g Grilled steak

Woke up feeling panicked after my Sunday binge. Scale at the gym said I’m down another 400g! That’s 2.1kg total loss thus far. Not too shabby. Happily munched though my rabbit food today.


  • Breakfast: Black coffee and buttered wholewheat bread
  • Lunch: Grilled steak and green salad
  • Dinner: 200g Ham

By now I’ve accepted that I’m going to have 2 slices of toast and it will not make me fat, it’s not worth the hunger pangs. I managed to get through the day. No exercise though.

DAY 10

  • Breakfast: Black coffee and buttered wholewheat bread
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, tomato salad and green beans
  • Dinner: Ham and green salad (only cucumber & lettuce)
FadDiet_Mpumz_Day 10
Learnt my lesson from last week, didn’t skip the green beans this time – jazzed up my “tomato salad” with mushrooms and peppers. No more dizziness and hunger pangs.

DAY 11

  • Breakfast: Black coffee and buttered wholewheat bread
  • Lunch: Cooked or raw carrots, with cheese
  • Dinner: Fruit salad and natural yogurt
FadDiet_Mpumz_Day 11
The end is nigh, I’m travelling home tomorrow soo not sure how I’m going to make it to day 13 with my grandmother’s cooking on the cards, but for now I’m gonna be good. I jazzed up the carrots and cheese for today’s lunch – decided to steam them and melt the cheese over with a sprinkle of dried chilli – not too bad. I’ve given up on exercise for the moment.

DAY 12 & 13

  • Breakfast: Black coffee and buttered wholewheat bread
  • Lunch: Tomato and grilled skinned chicken
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs with carrots
FadDiet_Mpumz_Day 12&13
More of the same – rabbit food, what can I say?

So for starters, this is by no means a nutritionally balanced meal plan, in fact most blogs and sites I’ve read say that the calories in this plan are waaay below the required daily intake (so much so that exercise is discouraged during the plan). But I did push myself to gym on days when the meals were a bit bulkier – that’s how desperate I was.

I weighed myself 3 times during the process, day 1, day 6 and 2 days after completing the plan.

Stuck with the diet at breakfast, then it was all out of my hands. The family reunion won over boiled eggs and carrots so that was the end of that. Will weigh in on Monday.

Final weigh in showed a total weight loss of 2.95kg – not bad at all.

All in all, I would not recommend this diet at all. It goes against everything I’ve read and researched about sustainable weight loss. However, I did learn a few things from this experience that will help me maintain my weight loss:

  1. I can afford to live on less. Eating only 3 square meals a day taught me that I have been overdoing the snacks.
  2. Amp up on fibre. I can feel the difference in my digestive system on days with more fruit and veg than days that those that don’t.
  3. Portion control. Again, I’ve been eating waaay too much (even if it’s healthy food)


So, although the weight loss wasn’t the 9kg promised on some websites, my clothes are feeling looser and I feel light enough to exercise the way I used to. What sustainable weight loss methods have you found keep you on track? I sure need them because I never want to find myself crash dieting ever again.

Yours in fitness


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  1. Mpumz thank you so much for sharing this, I now feel less weird for being so obssessed with weightloss and diets 🙈So I have found the blood type diet sooooo helpful, not only for weightloss, but also for keeping my health in order. What I love about this diet is that it tells you which foods are beneficial for you, and which ones cause weight gain and which foods may cause certain diseases. I have adopted this diet as a lifestyle 👌🏾

  2. As a personal trainer and athlete this diet is meant for an athlete eating to drop weight for comp whilst keeping muscle mass and strength. it is not recommended for a regular person nor is it sustainable, It is meant to be done for a very short period such as 1 week max including water cut in order to meet weight. An athlete will typically lose about 7 to 4 kgs in 1 week with that diet depending on the body. All and all who ever put the diet out to be used by a regular person is either in it for the money or doesn’t really know about nutrition and how our body works. Glad you chose sustainability over crash dieting.

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