Movie Review: Uncovered


Have I ever watched such a mentally stimulating film? 🤷🏾‍♀️ I probably have, but straight after watching this beauty I was tempted to believe otherwise…

I really don’t want to drop any spoilers, and so I will do my utmost best not too 🤞🏾 

‘Uncovered’ is a #PloudlySouthAfrican film that makes a comment on corruption in politics x the government x the private sector. I must admit, after experiencing one of the heated scenes of this film I started to question EVERYTHING about power and politics. Wow, it’s actually so well written and thought out 👌🏾 

I am still very committed to my notion of not giving too much away, but at the same time I need you to understand just how important it is for every South African to have a basic understanding of the current political climate and of the history of SA Politics 🙌🏾  I believe that it’s through films like these that the younger generations will develop a deeper interest in politics…

The truth is: not everything we see on the news is the true story – isn’t that scary 😰 

Also, the people with the power to make a positive change in our society are just as human as we are 🙃 Meaning they aren’t immune to temptation, and to wanting to satisfy their own selfish needs/wants 😩

And then something happens in this film that made me think twice about load shedding… 🤯

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie’s storyline, the characters in the film (and was pleasantly surprised by a popular local meme artist’s movie debut appearance – I know you will too 😜)

Please 🙏🏾 make time to go out and watch ‘Uncovered’ – better yet buy the movie (legally) and watch it with your crew 🍿

Excellent conversation starter 💯

Proudly South African 🇿🇦

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