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[spacer height=”20px”] So I’ve been following this movie for over a month now and finally I watched it. It starts of with the main character (Melinda) telling her therapist about her marriage. She is angry, bitter and upset.

Smoking a cigarette, she begins to unfold the events that led up to her divorce. She tells us how they bumped into each other in the rain to how much her husband enjoys making love in the shower because of how they met. She shares the love they had and how it all led up to her worst nightmare – “HER MARRIAGE”. She shares how her marriage broke her and took everything from her and how her ex husband gets to have it all after she has sacrificed so much. What makes it worse is that her ex- husband moves on and gets married to another woman who is the same woman she had caught him cheating with when they were still in college.

Tyler Perry tries to tell a story of a mentally ill woman growing up in a black family and how it affected the woman and the people in her life. The story is dramatic and captivating just like any other thriller movie yet it is also moving as we begin to see how everyone is affected by this mental illness. I really liked how Tyler Perry managed to tell the true story of how mental illness can lead up to if not treated.

He touches on Borderline Personality Disorder where the individual may constantly be worried of people abandoning them causing them to do anything in their power to keep them, including putting themselves in danger. They may have intense emotions that may last from a few hours to a few days and may quickly. They may struggle to keep stable relationships and many other symptoms.


Throughout the movie Tyler Perry puts definitions of the different stages of this illness as the story goes on for the viewers to fully grasp the concept. It has some funny moments and intense ones. There’s no way you could sleep watching this movie. However I do feel that the ending could have kept with the concept of the movie which is learning about the mental illness and perhaps showed the healing and recovery side of the illness. This way people could know that there is help and a way to manage and live a normal life with a personality disorder. That it doesn’t always end in death.

Otherwise I give it 7 stars. Great movie. Go ahead and give it a try and if you already have go ahead and share your thoughts on the film, leave a comment below ⬇ and let’s #Converse

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