Motive vs Humanitarianism

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Today, it has particularly dawned on me how self-serving and selfish most, if not all of us, really are.

See we humans, whether we want to admit it or not, are selfish and self-serving beings. Or at least there is somewhat the existence of such an element in each one of us.

Hear me well, we are often well-meaning and do in fact make attempts at putting others and their needs before our own. You know, that humanitarianism spirit every once in a while.

But if we were to search deep in the depths of our being, we would realise that, more often than not,  we generally do not put other first as much as we claim to do. When we do, it is often motivated by sentiments of what we would actually be getting in return other than just doing something for the general good of another person.

However, I have personally discovered that there is no greater feeling than that of being able to be of service to somebody else who has absolutely nothing that looks like a counter offer, knowing full well that it is genuinely from a good place, without even expecting anything in return.

There is so much to learn form those selfless acts done without compulsion, not only about humanity but also about ourselves in general. When we genuinely put others first, we are somewhat “lending to God Himself”.

Being a firm believer and follower of Jesus, I sincerely have faith in His ability to bless us beyond measure. It is not to say that when we put the needs of others before our own then God is compelled to bless us, but He does – and in innumerable ways that go far beyond our simple gestures of selflessness.

A lot could be said on the topic, but I personally have written this to remind each one of us that it’s ok to put others before yourselves, it is what God expects of us. Exercise this God-given ability, not because you’re getting something in return (which you most definitely will in Christ Jesus) but because it’s a kind thing  to do.

This extends further and far beyond the materialistic needs of others.
Be there for somebody that needs help, listen to somebody who needs an attentive ear, encourage somebody, let somebody know that they can count on you for support, give to somebody that has less than yourself.
Just do it, whatever it is, without an expectation of self-gain of any sort and God will surely bless you in manifolds.

Also remember, don’t even do it as an attempt to manipulate God into blessing you, He doesn’t even need our consent in order to release a blessing. Do it from the heart and simply for the betterment of a fellow human being.

Yours in ✍🏾
Nondumiso Kubheka

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3 Comments on “Motive vs Humanitarianism

  1. Wow this is so true. Sometime we block God’s blessings in our lives because we always want to put our selves first and forget the principle “give and you shall be given, more than what you gave”


  2. What you say here is so true Nondu, and it is the very same reason why it has become so difficult to trust a seemingly ‘over-polite’ person – I find myself constantly asking myself is this person being genuine with me or just buttering me up because they’d like to gain something from me? I believe that we should all make our motives and intentions crystal clear, in an effort to be truly genuine with one another.

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