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[spacer height=”20px”] I came across a certain picture that totally made sense to me, spoke volumes lucidly.
A picture of paving bricks shaped and arranged in a specific consistent pattern, with another brick that is oddly shaped and out of place but placed awkwardly with the others.

This illustration immediately jumped to me: how often do we attempt to squeeze ourselves in places where we are not ordained to be in? We try so hard to fit into setups that have absolutely nothing to do with us or our purpose.

This is however very dangerous because forcing ourselves into foreign lands doesn’t only cause a delay in the completion of that particular assignment. It also inconveniences us because then we are not working harmoniously with the place where we are attempting to forge ourselves into. God has designed us in such unique ways that when we are where we are supposed to be at a time we are supposed to be at, it causes less friction and less bruises in our lives. It, in-turn, allows everything else to work concurrently and flows with our individual reason for being.

Fodging forth into places not particularly ordained for us delays not only the purpose of God for our lives but also it holds up the rightful person from lodging into their rightful place, causing a rather unnecessary congestion because then things do not function or flow as smoothly as they should, as per the intention of the Maker.

That is why it is very important to enquire of God if infact the place where we are lodging ourselves into is indeed where we should be as per His first intent. Lest we find ourselves frustrated when that place evidently rejects us as a misfit.

If you constantly find yourself as “the odd one out” in whatever set up, you’re  probably in the wrong place all together. Your pre-ordained position shouldn’t first of all be uncomfortable. You shouldn’t second guess yourself. You shouldn’t be worried about being overtaken. It shouldn’t even hurt because you don’t need to shrink yourself back and hold back on being you if you are functioning as per God’s mandate for your life.

Also, being at the right place, at the wrong time makes it the wrong place irrespective of how right a place it may be. You cannot for example be at church during office hours when you should be at work. Good as being at church may be for an individual, but being there at the wrong time when you should be somewhere else is to your own detriment. When God says it’s time to move forward , it will only hurt you if you insist on staying longer at a specific point.

Does it hurt? Keep moving.
Does it feel uncomfortable? Keep moving.

Don’t ever insist on staying on a path that is clearly not designed for you. You will do more damage to yourself and cause a major delay for whom ever that spot is rightfully reserved for.

In a natural sense, an odd brick or misfit ultimately affects the entire building process. We cannot and shouldn’t build with incorrect proportions, lest that building be unable to withstand the test of time. If it is wrong for us, then we should quit trying to force it to be right.


Ask yourself this question: Are you where you’re supposed to be? Is your current position concurrent with the plan of God for your life? Evaluate introspectively.


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