Men Can (& should) Be Feminists Too

[spacer height=”20px”] As a society of the young, hip & woke – how many times have you had discussions about gender equality and women empowerment? Probably more than you can remember. Now, how many of these discussions have you had with the opposite sex? Now that shrinks the number quite significantly, doesn’t it?

We fight against body shaming, women abuse, equal opportunities in the academic and professional spheres in our thousands, but how many of our partners, brothers and fathers feel they have a place in the gender-equal society we are trying to achieve?

This phenomenon dawned on me as I was sitting in yet another women’s month celebration a few weeks ago. A panel discussion led by top performing career-women talking to aspiring career-women.

One of the guest speakers rightly highlighted that, for as long as we are having the gender equality discussion alone as females, only half the battle is won. After all, the other (almost) half of the human race is male – and guess what – for anything to succeed, they need to be part of the revolution too.

I do consider myself a feminist, yet for some reason, it had never dawned on me that the onus is on ALL of society to uplift women. And uplifting women has nothing to do with trampling down on men. It is our job as feminists to be inclusive in our approach. Men and boys have a role in a gender equal society and it is up to all of us to define that society together.

We cannot achieve equality by excluding the other half of the human race.

I’m going to leave this here.

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