March #VisitingBloggers


Having a visitor is always so exciting, right? We absolutely love having #VisitingBloggers grace the iwblog. Last month (March) we had one new visiting blogger (Nondumiso Kubheka) and two returning #LadyBloggers (Fiona Pillay and Nongcebo Hlongwane).

We previosly had a little sit-down with both Fiona and Nongcebo, which you can read HERE. So we did the same with Nondumiso Kubheka and this is what she told us:

Please introduce us to Nondumiso Kubheka…
She is an embassasor of grace, a lover of God and life simultaneously, a nurturer and teacher by both calling and profession. She’s a budding writer, musician who loves books and fashion. Nondumiso is a firm believer in transformation of the immediate world I exist in, one perspective at a time, I have a soft spot for young women and am a firm believer in their betterment. I’m a lover of all things beautiful 🌺

Do you regularly write inspirational articles?
I write better than I talk – I’d like to think, so I use what I’m good at to get the message across. Writing to me is more than an escape, i write to change lives, to minister to people, to inform and bring about transformation. I’d like to believe that whatever I write, I do so with the intention to inspire the reader and give them something to ponder on.

Why have you chosen writing as your medium of expression?
Writing chose me. I grew up being very shy and introverted. I’d spend so much time just jotting down thoughts, ideas, feelings or whatever. I found it to be easier to write things down than to talk about them verbally, so for me writing has always  been the best medium to get any message across. I find that I am more expressive in writing than I am in any other form of communication. I suppose I write hopefully also as a voice for people like me who just prefer to read things and find that everything makes better sense in written form. I’m also a lover of language.

Where else can we read more of your work?
I’ve been writing. I write everywhere but besides being an occasional blogger for the insideWomen blog, there’s not many formal platforms where I write besides social media. Still familiarising myself with getting my thoughts out there for everyone to read and critique. So formally I’m gradually being initiated into this writing for the general public thing.

So I’d say be on the lookout for more of my articles on Inside Women and obviously my social media accounts. Hopefully as time goes on, more platforms will make available my written work as I also ease into this blogging phenomenon.

How can we keep tabs with you?
Mainly on Facebook, I am Nondumiso MaKhathid’OmuhleKubheka. I’m most active here.


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