Living Simply


Strive for a drama-free, stress-free, uncomplicated, non-attention grabbing, simple and fulfilling life as far as it depends on you. 

The life where there is no pressure for conformity or being anything else other than your true self. 

Without any negative vibes and/ or auras and certainly without any need to be “trendy” for any reason other than that which resonates with your core belief system.

Anything else contrary to this, it can and by all means miss you! 

Instinctively repel EVERYTHING that seeks to demand of you that which isn’t an inherent part of your being… and don’t even be apologetic about it!

Refuse to portray to anyone a false representation of yourself. Even if in so doing, it makes you less popular, seemingly backwards or deems you less woke than your counterparts. You ain’t tryna fit into nobody’s mould anyways.

Sometimes living simply, means just being the most authentic version of yourself as you possibly can.

It means saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Concentrating on things that matter to you and channelling all your attention and energy towards that. 

We often, unbeknownst to ourselves, live our lives so confined by the opinions of others and our need for external validations that we ultimately forget to just live our lives as authentic as we possibly can, by pursuing that which matters the most to us.

Find a place in your life where you’re just content with who and what you are, while fully being cognisant of everything else that you aren’t and being at peace with that. 

A zone where there is no putting up fronts, facades and or false pretences – but where you’re just fully and totally being YOU.

That’s the kind of simple living that I’m talking about.

May you be inspired today to just get to that point and permanently seek to dwell there.

Cheers to living simply 🥂

Yours in inspiration,

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