Life Is Too Short For That!


I have recently attended the unexpected funeral of a relative’s loved one and that’s when this truth dawned on me. This moment alone taught me so many little lessons that I guess are best taught/learned through life experiences. Simply put:

1) Love Wholeheartedly 

The basic reason for this (and all the other points) is that we simply don’t know when this dance of life will come to an end. We have absolutely no control of this – however we do control how we feel and how we treat people. It seems to me that being a lover only reaps positive rewards and so that is precisely what I intend on doing.  

2) Express Yourself

If you love it/him/her – show it! And equally, if you’re not here for it – let that be known. There is absolutely no need (nor is there a demand) for being fake about how you feel. No pretence 🙅 No need for any BS❗

3) Don’t Hold On To Moments

Let it go my darling. I recently also came across this quote by Buddha: “You can only lose what you cling to.” I am not saying you shouldn’t cherish memories, not at all. Though we shouldn’t live in the past. Allow yourself to be able to recognise when you’re refusing to live-on and create new memories and moments. The truth is that we have no influence/control/authority over our past. It has happened and can’t be changed – though you CAN choose whether you’d like to move on or not.

4) Allow Yourself To Be Loved

Receive love. Accept it. As much as being a lover is ideal, allowing yourself to be loved is empowering a second party to be a lover as well. I rate we should all be constantly surrounded by love, whether we’re manufacturing it or we’re consuming it – it matters not ❣

5) Work Hard To Keep The Peace

Peace of mind is one state that is particularly not so easy to get (and maintain). I do believe though that it is one of those things that are difficult to achieve but definitely worth the struggle. Constant fighting, animosity and distress are so not necessary, because not only do they decrease the value of life – they also solve nothing at all. So I rate that we should weigh the pros and cons of starting that ‘debate’ – is it worth those prolonged moments of silence or fury afterwards? Just for proving a point?? I don’t think so…

That’s my take on the things we should do in order to improve our lives and appreciate the true value of life. Do you agree with any of these? Do you have more to add? Go ahead and share your views with us in the comment section below 👇🏾

Yours in Inspiration,

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