Let Your Passion Fuel You!


Whatever it is that’s always on your mind, bring it to completion by working on it! When I saw this quote I was literally blown away!!! Like WOAH. I then started asking myself, why aren’t I making my passions manifest vele?

Like seriously, I’m not doing anything other than recovering this year and I have absolutely nothing to lose WHATSOEVER. I mean I really believe God has been recovering my dreams and aspirations in this time. When I saw this quote it really served as a ‘DO IT!’ sign. I mean, I’ve been nurturing new passions which have been giving me sleep-less nights! So there’s absolutely no way of me not working hard to make them work (for me!).

I’m so excited about my life right now and what excites me even more is I feel that more exciting things will be happening! Won’t you get excited and inspired with me?

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