Lend a Helping Hand

I’ve been contemplating sharing this the whole day…

So, early in the AMs while we were still sleeping-in, because of the lockdown (also because of the weather  😉), a knock came onto our door.


I personally wanted to shout: “Kuthiwe asihlaleni emakhaya!” (which means: the rules say #StayAtHome) ‼️

My husband attended to the door and after an exchange of a few words I heard him vividly saying: “It’s ok you can speak English”.


The person on the other-side of the door seemingly struggled to articulate himself in our vernacular language, because I later learn he is a brother from the upper African countries ✊🏾 So I listen more intently to their conversation (even though I couldn’t make out much) 🙃


My husband came back to me and told me that the guy at the door is asking for a “loan” (of a very small amount) because he had run out of electricity and would only get paid that Friday.


Without even thinking twice we agreed to help him and I thought perhaps we should add a bit more than what he asked for, because if he doesn’t even have electricity, what are the odds that he has something to eat? So we decided to give him enough to be able to buy some food at-least until he got paid that Friday (if he even will).


As he left, he asked that we hold onto his electric iron until he brought back the money, to which, my husband declined and he could keep his iron we’re just helping him out where we can.


I was left thinking this is possibly the reality of so many people right now…

Here I am left wondering how many people are actually finding themselves in the same or similar predicament right now around us? Persons who don’t even have so much as something to eat.


Even more so, individuals who are far from home and even further from their loved ones.


Based on where he said he is from, it must have taken a couple of knocks to a couple of doors to be able to find assistance.


Granted, we have generally become so suspect of everyone that may or may not genuinely need a helping hand because people have made a habit of taking advantage of help they receive from random strangers.


My appeal to you today however is that – can we be a little bit more kinder, more generous, more trusting, more patient with each other during this trying time.


Can we, by all means show more of that spirit of “ubuntu” we speak of. This is the most opportune time to display such. Others are in more need than we actually are and it wouldn’t take away anything from us if we can be more helpful than usual where we can.


In our different corners in our little ways, while we are adhering to the rules put in place, we can be of assistance to somebody who really needs it.


Yours in inspiration,
Nondumiso ♡

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