Know When To Quit

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“Winners never quit!” – how many times have you heard that? I lost count 💁🏾 I also lived most of my life firmly believing this. I have since come to realise that even though this is a great piece of advice, sometimes leaving something is winning…

We are now living in a time where the words: “Just hold on, it will get better…” just are not enough anymore. Perseverance is the one thing we get a lot of words of wisdom on, and I am completely convinced that the reason for this is because it is one skill we make use of the most all throughout our human experience!

I also believe that as important as persevering is, it is vital for us to know which situations are worthy of our perseverance. I say you should know what is worth your fighting spirit and what simply deserves no entertainment from you.

Case in point: I am a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Nothing feeds my soul (and fills me with as much joy) as conceptualising for and creating fashion illustrations to constructing those garments. I also enjoy thinking up and applying business ideas and planning fashion shows and photoshoots and and and 😁😁😁

I have always known this about myself, yet when my loving father offered to fully sponsor my pursuit of a masters degree – I thought it would be a damn shame if I don’t grab this opportunity by the horns 🐂

Alright, so I registered for a masters in Graphic design, with the intention of informing my business practice, right? 🤦🏾‍♀️ I learned the longer (and harder) way that it doesn’t necessarily happen that way and I found myself in an unhappy position, trying to pursue both entrepreneurship and academics 😩

So I finally gained enough courage to sit myself down, evaluate what’s going on and reach a consensus 👌🏾 I could not ignore the heavy feelings of failure but making the decision to solely pursue entrepreneurship allowed me to focus all of my attention and creativity into my entrepreneurial journey and it also left me with much more peace-of-mind 🕊

Now imagine just how unhappy I would be if I had instead chosen to believe that “winners don’t quit” and carried on doing something my heart wasn’t fully in? Now I can continue with my business endeavours and give my all to them!

So is the situation you’re enduring worth it? Do you know when to quit?

Truthfully yours,


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