Knock Knock, it’s Love

I know I high-key pretend I’m 100% anti men but I’m also low-key still trying to find my perfect match and write my own love story. I’ve been reading this book (basically, 10 pages left of it) titled “When God writes your love story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy and it has been an amazing read. I didn’t expect it to be because it’s a Christian read and I thought they’d be a lot of cliché Christian bible scriptures but it was actually pretty amazing, nothing like I had imagined. What I liked most about the book is the fact that Leslie is much like I am – very anti-men but lowkey wishing for the perfect love story. She had had enough heartbreaks and was 5-to-giving-up on love, when love kind of just met her at the door. Now, here’s the problem – how did she know that it was love at the door step?

I’ve always had this big question of “HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU LOVE SOMEONE AND YOU WANT TO MARRY THEM” and I often ask my older sisters or friends (I have a lot of older friends, I have an old soul) and they all have different answers of how they knew or they think they’ll know. So, your girl (me, I’m your girl) went ahead and did some introspection to really ask myself what I’d expect love to feel like if ever it was at my door.

  1. Warmth – I don’t know why, but for some reason I think it would feel warm – like cuddles maybe. A tangible warmth that connects me to the other person. The kind of warmth that even if the person is not close to me, the thought of them fills my body with absolute warmth.
  2. Peace – I think this is a major one for me. Absolute peace and serenity, not having to worry about anything or have insecurities because I am at complete peace with the way my partner feels about me.
  3. Protectiveness – This often gets translated as “jealousy” and that’s a bit toxic. I think being protective means protecting your relationship and what you allow in it. It’s not just about other people but also about how safe you feel in the relationship. I want to feel like my thoughts and emotions are protected and secure.
  4. Freedom – Listen man, if love is at my door step, I’ll know because it won’t care. It will feel free to be itself, it will have no restraints or reservations. It should feel like running through a field naked, just absolute freedom to be any shape or form.
  5. Imperfectness – It has to come a bit flawed, a bit torn or broken. For life experience sake, I want to feel a sense of relatability and not feel as though when I share my brokenness I am weighing my partner down with all this baggage. Of course, like I said “experience” so I don’t want a broken love to fix – I want a built love that knows what it feels like to be broken.
  6. Laughter – This probably how I will fall in love because wow I love this attribute. I can see myself “Haha-ing” my way into love easily. Love will have a big smile and laugh until they cry.
  7. Courageous – I would have said fearless but that’s very dramatic and I’m trying to be less of that. But courage is needed to recognise love at your doorstep, receive it and give it back deeply.

I didn’t want to make my list too long because it would lose its weight. I feel like if love was knocking at the door, it would embody all these things and I would just know. I wouldn’t hesitate or put my guard up, it would come complete with all these attributes and I would high-key jump right in.

KADAN – (n) “where the heart lies”, an all-purpose word for a person one cares about, including friends, family and loved ones.


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  1. Oh so poetic, you have an amazing ability to put simple words ever so beautifully 👌🏾 I agree with all the points you’ve mentioned, kakhulu about peace, protectiveness and laughter.

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