It’s Actually You!

[spacer height=”20px”] I was recently reminded of the importance of taking responsibility for my motivation. A friend made an interesting point that I found to be very true. Most people will give you advice based on their own experiences. Matter of fact, most of the time people are giving themselves advice while looking at you as if it were into a mirror. My friend’s point was that you should listen to yourself more often, be more in tune with your inner being so you can understand yourself better. Know yourself so you can help yourself… I had an “Aha!” moment!
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Perhaps this is why I traded in self help books for novels. I was tired of hearing profound ideas whose magic only lasted for a little while… General life advice that isn’t really tailored for me as an individual. To be honest, I doubt the self help industry would be this successful if it actually provided lasting solutions to our problems. Hear me, there is a place for good sound advice, but it all becomes useless if it isn’t applied in a way that actually works for us as unique individuals.
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Here’s my take on all this: it’s actually me! It’s actually you!
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I think of that phrase in relation to my setbacks, lack of progress and motivation to press on in spite of challenges. Look, maybe you’re actually fighting for your dream right now, but we’ve all been there before. Life is not as easy as we thought it would be, and perseverance proves to be mission impossible at times. This adulting thing is hard! But we have to keep it moving.

So next time you’re faced with an obstacle that seems to wear you out, remember this: you’re the problem and the solution. It is you that decides which of the two you’ll be. I hope you choose to spend more time getting to know yourself, learning to love yourself and ultimately trusting yourself. The more you know, love and trust yourself; the better the decisions you’ll make for yourself and your future. Look inside you, that’s where all the answers are.
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Inspirationally Yours,

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