I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It

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It’s no secret that society dictates how most the world views or sees things and kissing a girl is one of these things society is highly opinionated about…

In one society group it’s bold and in another it’s wrong, others even go as far as banishing anyone who shares a kiss with the same sex. But does that mean it’s wrong? Just because the world is finding it hard to welcome with open arms? I guess this is the big question all societies ask and we are yet to find an answer. So here’s what I have to say about it:

The idea of a woman kissing another woman itself is powerful. It’s a symbol of independence. A notion that states that I as a woman don’t need a man to be happy. The fact that you don’t need a man to run a household, pay your bills whilst enjoying some cuddles in the cold weather. Maybe I’m a bit biased but either way, anyone who has the guts to defy society standards and stand up for their decision in my opinion is strong.

You see coming out itself is not an easy task, to actually utter the words of the beautiful Miss Katy Perry: “I kissed a girl and I liked it” – in a society where we are brought up to find a man, get married and have kids, how does anyone find the guts to stand up and say I will find a woman, get married and have a family?

But we do it anyway, we come out and let the world know that womanhood is not in who you choose to be with but who you are. We let the world know that not everything revolves around men and are well capable of being without being with them.

I’m not in any way an advocate for any sexuality choice or type but simply find it hypocritical how we don’t want to be judged yet judge others for a choice that doesn’t necessarily concern us.

I came across a youtube video a while back of a celebrity talking about her coming out and how she had decided to embrace it and let the world know because as a public figure she had the responsibility to stand up and make a difference. 

And as I listened to her story of how hard it was for her to come to this decision, I remember thinking to myself that this woman is so bold. I mean who dares to defy society?  I find it courageous in many ways than one, especially after hearing individual stories of how things unfolded leading to the final decision.

I fall under the society’s umbrella of asexual, however I believe everyone has the right to their choice of sexual orientation and we don’t have the right to judge regardless of our believes or teachings. In my opinion any woman who dares to stand against societal norms is powerful and that should be what we see in each other.

*This blog post was first published on 31 May 2017, here on the insideWomen Blog

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