How I Keep On Going (tips for adulting)


I will not lie to you, I did not expect growing up to be so challenging. Honest 🤞🏾  I thought growing up just meant that I would have more freedom (and time) to do what I want, with who I want, when a I wanted to. Wow, was I wrong…

Lol, life will definitely be sure to offer you a good dose of rude awakenings – if not for your growth, why else would it? All of a sudden waking up every morning is no longer about dodging your mom’s hiding – but now your livelihood depends on it. Not waking up = no productivity = no money made (amongst other benefits) = starvation (and all its friends, e.g. poverty, etc). So how do super progressive adults do it? How do they keep themselves motivated throughout the entire year? Well, I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️  but I can let you in on the advice I’ve received from such individuals which has worked for me ✔️

  1. Get a sufficient amount of sleep 😴Now in high school I was definitely the “I work well under pressure” type, which means late nights were exclusively my thing! Yet if I have to stay up past 11pm now I become unable to function the next day. Getting a good amount of sleep surely does make me a much more productive adult the next day. So it’s a big YES to this one!
  2. Plan out your days 🗓 My close friends (especially my sister) always tease me about how structured my days are, but it doesn’t faze me because structure allows me to get all the important things done. I must tell you, there is no worse feeling than seeing the sunset and you realise that you haven’t achieved anything in your day.
  3. Take time to relax ☕️ Truth is in order to achieve all of the day’s tasks you demand a whole lot from your mind, body and soul. So make sure to set some time apart just to breathe, to rehydrate or to stretch your legs. My father always reminds me that my life matters more than the tasks I want to get done.
  4. Take note of your accomplishments 🎉 I’m not suggesting you celebrate every little thing you get done, but if you note it down it really helps getting the fifth item done – which is…
  5. Reflect on your day ✍🏾 At the end of your days make time to reflect on your day’s activities, accomplishments, misses and decisions taken. Doing this allows you to review your methods and it gives you a reflection of your life – from a day-to-day perspective.

Life really is hard, but we are architects of our reality – so we should aim to create a positive reality. My positive reality means that most of my days are productive and peaceful, yours could be something else. Position yourself amongst influencers that live according to the reality you want to achieve in order to assist you with creating that life you want.


Have questions about these pointers, or want to add your own? Go ahead and drop a comment below and let’s #Converse ⬇

Yours in this adulting journey,


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