Goal Setting


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I am such a planner, yes I’m that avid to-do list maker 🙋🏾‍♀️ Having a set to-do list for every single day really helps me with keeping focused and also to get work done. Yet sometimes (majority of the time really) I find myself disappointed with myself, because I haven’t checked-off every item on my day’s to-dos.

I have since learned and adopted the practise of setting SMART goals, yes this was taught at school but it only makes sense now! Alright, let’s breakdown SMART:

Specific – be specific about what you want to achieve, for example if your end-goal is to become a frequent reader a more specific goal is to read a chapter a day.

Measurable – you must be able to measure your progress toward achieving your goal, for instance if you are reading a chapter a day by the end of the week you should have read seven. If you haven’t, then you know that something has to change.

Achievable – take time to review your goals and be honest with yourself. If you want to read a chapter a day make sure you have enough reading time in your day to do so. Don’t be afraid to adjust your goal to what’s achievable for you, like reading 10 pages a day 👍🏾

Realistic – be as honest as you can with yourself. Refrain from setting goals that are too ambitious, like reading a chapter a day when you are a full-time employed mother of three and a wife (so mother of four really 😒). You must then delegate time appropriately between all the aspects of your life.

Time Limited – give yourself a cut-off time, e.g. give yourself three weeks to complete one book.

If you’re having difficulties with setting and sticking to your goals, do use these guidelines, I really hope you’ll find them helpful.

Do you have other pointers that really help you with goal setting? Please do share them below, I will definitely respond and let’s be in #Conversation 💬

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