Generational Struggles


I have never been very interested in politics. However, the recent events in SA’s history have made it absolutely unavoidable even for the most ignorant to ponder about the path our country is on.

South Africa has seen a lot of strife. And each generation has had its own distinct mark on that struggle. First it was the struggle for our freedom and equality – a black and white thing. Now it seems the battle is for economic freedom – and whose struggle is that? And against whom exactly? (because sadly, from where I’m sitting it’s a black vs. black thing).

For a lot of us (when I say us, I mean previously disadvantaged/black people), we carry the burden of generations that didn’t have the opportunity to live on an equal footing as their counterparts. Now that the battle for racial equality may seem to be won (because racism is not over, if you ask me) – how are we passing on the baton? Sure, the struggle is different – economic stability and income equality is the topical issue but where is the unity and fighting spirit that got us out of apartheid? Where are the selfless leaders? The comrades and the united masses?

Every era brings forth it’s own struggles, and its own heroes. We clearly have a struggle – but what our country needs now are heroes. What do we need to see a revolution? How do we revive the spirit of ubuntu and servant leadership? Ho do we get our revive our country again?

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*This blog post was originally published on 21 March 2017

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