February #VisitingBloggers


Last month we had the delight and pleasure of hosting two ladies as our #VisitingBloggers, and it honestly felt like how it feels when your cousins visit you at home… Complete FUN 🤪

I rate having a conversation with these ladies would be the best way to say goodbye see you later! Let’s begin with miss Nongcebo…


  1. Please introduce us to Nongcebo Hlongwane.
    I’m a story teller. Everyone who knows me fondly says I love talking and telling stories and honestly it’s all I want to do with my life- no matter what medium I use.
  2. Do you regularly write inspirational/motivational pieces?
    I try to write what I like mostly. The only thread in all my pieces is the fact that it’s all the things I know to be true personally and experience on a daily basis.
  3. Why have you chosen writing as your medium of expression?
    Writing was easy for me. It was a free world to go to where I could control what happens. As a child I was quite and writing was the only way I could explain my thoughts and feelings.
  4. Where else can we read more of your work?
    My new blog ‘Our Black Truths’ is coming in March but I do have a look book on www.blackonblacklife.tumblr.com



  1. Please introduce us to Fiona Pillay.
    I am a musician, artist, student, graphic designer, avid gymer and Child of God. I’ve recovered miraculously from Bipolar Disorder and am loving life and living it to the fullest! I love people and I’m passionate about serving others, sharing from my life’s experiences and doing random acts of kindness.

  2. Do you regularly write inspirational/motivational pieces?
    I’ve written about 6 devotional readings and wish I could find the time to write more because since my mind has been unlocked, the words and related Bible verses keep flowing! When I registered to study Honours, I dedicated a lot of my time to report writing which got me a Distinction, so I’m not complaining, but I have topics and headings already waiting to be fleshed out. I often feel lead to write from the lessons I’ve learnt in life as I’ve learned never to react but to respond to situations. So I see a lot of what I write as responses to whatever challenges I have been dealt with by life.
  3. Why have you chosen writing as your medium of expression?
    I love words, I find it easier and poetic to express myself in my writing. I love fonts and letters. I don’t own a TV because I love the medium of the written word. Although I’m a visual communicator at my job, I feel that written word conjures up visuals that are individual to the reader. I like that my devotional/motivational message can appeal to a broader audience.
  4. Where else can we read more of your work?
    I think I need to start a blog of some sort Aphelele, please help mngani, so that I can reach more people who can benefit from my writing 😁


Thank you so much ladies for gracing our blog with your presence and creativity. Please also know that you are more than welcome to come back for another visit.

If you are interested in being a #VisitingBlogger on the insideWomen blog, do let us know via email at iwblog@upphelele.co.za 📩

Yours in ✍🏾






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