Fashion Meets Gospel 2014


It’s so interesting how success is linked with what you do with the many opportunities that come your way or in this case, the opportunities that you MAKE to come your way!

Sooooo, after seeing Lindani Ndwandwa’s work (in Joyous Celebration and Judith Sephuma’s dvd) I then decided that I HAVE to meet and later work for a designer of this calibre. What attracted me most to this designer, was that a fashion designer can use their given talent and passion to bring honour to God’s name. I thought, and still think that this is a way of worship I want to be apart of. I decided early in the year that this year would be the first year I participate in this show aaaaaand Mr Ndwandwa had offered me a chance to participate in the fashion show. Unfortunately, due to the accident and my recovery process, I couldn’t participate any more. Soooo when I was reminded of this affair, I got excited beyond words really, I started making a poster. To my pleasure Mr Ndwandwa liked it and asked to use it officially! I was over-the-moon! Unfortunately my camera threw a tantrum on me and I couldn’t take pictures of the night. But worry not! Next year’s show I’ll be there, so will you and both physical and mental pictures will be taken!

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