Excuses, excuses 😒

[spacer height=”20px”] How many times will you wake up two hours later the time you know you are meant to be up by? For as long as you use that “I’m feeling sick” excuse, riiight ?

Make RESULTS not excuses

This time it really is as easy as it sounds. Majority of the time I have seemed to go through life with the idea that one day I will wake up and everything will fall into order. One day I will wake up on time, get all the boxes on my to-do list ticked, come back home do some cleaning and cook. But has that ever happened? NO. Well definitely not without any intent or effort to make these things happen!

I’m sorry (not sorry ✋🏾) to be the one who breaks the news down for you, if you haven’t already figured this out. Wishes, dreams, aspirations and visions all don’t come true just because you have them. No, instead you HAVE to work towards them.

You have to come to a point where you realise that making excuses is self-sabotage. It may sound like a reasonable rationale as to why you couldn’t accomplish a task, but it takes you right back to square one: having not achieved anything!

It has to stop. Making excuses ends right here! Let’s make ‘No more excuses‘ our motto for life. That is how we’ll make every day our greatest!!

Yours in ✍🏾


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