Everything is working for you 🤗


So I’m sitting here thinking about the many things that I have wished for in life and have been praying about earnestly that God may bless me with❣️ 


Unfortunately, a lot of those things haven’t even began to take shape and some of which doesn’t even look like they will ever materialise…


It is in all honesty disheartening to say the least 🙃

However, on the flip side of the coin, it just dawned on me that in actual fact although I may be very far from achieving and attaining that which I had set out for myself based on my perception of necessary, God has in fact been working overtime to make sure that I receive that which is absolutely necessary, even the stuff I didn’t even know I needed 🙌🏾


Him being God and all seeing, He knew and probably looked at me and shook His head in disbelief of this very naive girl who seems to not have her priorities in order…


As much as we may ask from God and even go as far as being frustrated with Him when our wishes and desires aren’t granted, sometimes all it requires is a test of time and a whole lot of patience to realise that often times, that which we thought we desperately needed God to do for us, we actually are doing so much better without 💯


On the contrary, that which we didn’t even realise we needed (and therefore never even bothered asking for), He (being our Father who knew what we needed before we even asked) has done it for us ❤️


And when that reality hits you, you’re in awe at God’s faithfulness to us even in the midst of our state of relapsed sanity (read foolishness) 😩


If only we’d trust Him. Trust that He knows what He is doing even when we don’t see it at the time…


May we receive the grace to trust Him more. To be able to rest assured that the Lord knows best and that He will without a doubt come through for us when and where it matters the most 🙏🏾

Trust the process. Trust that all things are working and converging to meet you at the most necessary point of your life. Though certain elements may make it impossible to believe this, and it may even look like some puzzle pieces are most certainly displaced but trust 🤞🏾


He had the complete picture way before you came into the picture  (if you know you know)…


Yours in inspiration,
Nondumiso ✍🏾

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