Enjoying Your Stay-cation

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Limited leave days, fully booked holiday destinations, and just wanting some quiet time? How about a stay-cation?

So, the past holiday season was a different one for me. For a lot of various reasons, leaving Joziwood to join friends and family for the “all-you-can eat Christmas lunch” and overcrowded beach days was just not possible.

Circumstances led me to find a way to enjoy time in my home for an entire week. This led me to refining my thoughts on how to really make the most of a stay-cation, and here’s how:

  1. Take time to rest: It’s ok to not have plans. Take a day or 2 to sleep in, sit in your pyjamas and binge on all the series and movies you’ve missed, read that book you’ve been wanting to get to, or whatever you haven’t had time to get to, the things you really enjoy doing!
  2. Book an activity/event you’ve been dying to see: With everyone distracted with holiday prep, it’s the perfect time to go wine-tasting, try that restaurant or spa, or even see that comedy show you’ve had to wait weeks to get into.
  3. Enjoy the emptiness: Use the easy traffic to explore the city with less crowds – shopping malls, gyms, art galleries, museums, etc. Best part of it all – no queues 😃

I know this isn’t ALL that you can do (or even think of), please do leave a comment with your holiday-fun ideas!

Next time you find yourself stuck in the city during the holidays, be sure to make the most of it!

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Yours in ✍🏾

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