Embracing Seasons


It is a known phenomenon that life has seasons. Seasons that exist and never co-exist. Whether we choose to acknowledge that reality or not but there will always be seasons and they come and go independent of our opinions and reception of them.

You hear people say things like: “Winter must come already, I am tired of this heat”. Truth of the matter though is that we cannot in anyway dictate when the seasons change and how long each season will last for.

It is for us to only embrace each season as it comes and wait in anticipation, with expectancy in our hearts for the season that will follow.

It is unfortunately true that we couldn’t even pray seasons away even if we wanted to. God has established it to be so and we just have to respect the procession of each season.

Both in the literal sense, which is the physical world we exist in, as well as in the supernatural world – seasons exist and each has to push one out in order for it to take precedence. The onus is then on us as people to adjust our thinking and align it with the season that may be present at which ever time.

Think about this, it would be a sad sight to wish and desire for the Winter season all year round. That would be so unfortunate! If that were to happen, then it would mean that particular year remains without rain. Seeing as that we predominantly get most rainfall in Summer. How many things and processes then are dependant on the falling of rain?  (I’ll let you think about that for a while).

So it would essentially be to our own detriment if we received seasons that we favoured only in life because each season is necessary and plays a vital role in our lives, whether we recognize that or not.

So I am writting to you today to encourage each one of us to embrace each season of our lives for the benefits and the goodness that it brings for us, not because we prefer it as opposed to another.

Seasons are all necessary in life. They basically inform us that there is a time for everything under the sun. We don’t have to like it but we must accept it as a natural order of things.

Some seasons may not be favourable to us, others may even hurt us. Yet others may be good to us so much that we would wish they could stay forever but the truth of the matter is that all are needed to balance out our lives in the bigger scheme of things.

Imagine if you always had to keep warm throughout the year because it’s always Winter? I personally would have serious problems with that because as much as Summer days do tend to get too humid for my liking at times but I do desire for Summer days where the sun is out and everything is just bright and beautiful as opposed to the gloom that winter days brings.

All seasons are necessary

They do not co exist

One pushes out the other 

Do not forge a season lest you run the risk of looking foolish or worse,  getting sick. It would  be absurd right in the middle of winter to be seen wearing clothes that resemble summer

Brave all seasons and embrace them. Without Summer, you wouldn’t know the rain and without Spring you wouldn’t understand the hope that is birthed by sprouting flowers.

All seasons are important because they show us that things don’t always last forever.

Yours in Inspiration,

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