Effects Of The Lockdown 🙃

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Most people had declared that 2020 will be their greatest and most productive year of their lives, but because of the current global crisis that has led our country to be under #Lockdown, most of us can’t achieve our goals…


Our goals have changed from opening new businesses, securing more bags, having the wedding of our dreams, etc. To making TikTok videos, trying out a new recipe and subscribing to Netflix and Showmax 📺

To some it’s a start of depression as being outside and doing their daily activities was their coping mechanism, when they ran in order to hide from their issues. To some it’s a nice way to spend time with their family members and loved ones 🥰


I must admit that this new living condition is nothing new for some of us. We are used to being isolated and indoors 80% of the time. It’s just our lifestyle… Introverts really feel special during thus pandemic because everybody is looking up to them, they’re role models 😅


For me this #Lockdown has become a bittersweet experience because of the ups and downs that I have been experiencing with the people around me, having to cope with school work and just not being free to do what I want whenever I want to (I really feel that 20% 😩). With all the stressing things happening, there’s a positive side to this #Lockdown…


I have discovered my creativity in the kitchen, doing my hair and nails (a girl must remain beautiful no matter what 👌🏾)

My point is we’re all affected by this and we need not to be hard on ourselves, you don’t owe anyone perfection. You owe it to yourself to stay true to yourself. Make yourself happy first, your happiness will pour to others.


Love and Light to you all ❣️


Your Hun,
Nonkululeko Mashinini   ✍🏾 

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