Easy Does It…

[spacer height=”20px”] Listen, if I did a squat every time I received this piece of advice: “Take it easy…” Or “Take one step at a time,” I would have the world’s most firm 🍑 Well, my derrière is fairly firm – but that’s a story for another day…

This is one piece of advice that I have had to take some time to accept, because in my ‘go getter’ mind, taking things easily just doesn’t make sense 💁🏾 I mean… Think about it – how will taking “baby steps” get you the desired results? I seriously have had the hardest time processing this, but it became easier to be on the receiving end of these pearls of wisdom. Why, you may wonder? It’s simply because I have learned to understand growth as a process…

Very recently I had the unfortunate (and hella painful) experience of a broken ankle. Like woah guys, can we just reserve a moment of silence for the amount of pain that fall was – and I wasn’t doing anything crazy, I was just going down the stairs 😩 Anyway, it was the day after I had an operation (on my ankle) and I was receiving my crutch-orientation that it hit me! One step at a time isn’t meant to get you there faster: instead, it paces you well, keeps you steady, which in turn keeps you consistent!

For the longest time in my life I have aimed at setting up a goal and finding the most efficient way to get me there the fastest. That’s not the point though… Easy does it because it assists you with remaining mindful of your journey, the challenges it provides, your accomplishments and when the perfect time is for you to rest. I have found that that is indeed why easy does it ✔️

Can you see how winning then becomes something that we work on and achieve through practice, patience and consistency? Are you taking it easy?

Yours in all encouragement,


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