#DFF2018 – a reflection

[spacer height=”20px”] Last week was crazy-fun, WOWZA! Even though I think words won’t fully describe the amount of excitement, the thrills and the all the emotions that this auspicious event filled my heart with – I surely will try my best…

So the Durban Fashion Fair kick-started the fashion week on Wednesday, 19 September, with a showcase by the 2018 mentees (which I was a part of 💃🏾) So you can imagine that all the preparations started waaaaay before that, right? Yes, it’s been weeks and weeks of conceptualising, designing, pattern-making and constructing the looks that went on the ramp!

Listen, when I saw my looks going down the ramp I wasn’t just seeing the outfits – no! I was seeing the sleepless nights, all the hard work and effort put into this range. It truly has been a very long, but absolutely worth-while journey 👌🏾

The range I created for and showcased during #DFF2018 is titled ‘Zulu Maiden’. I sourced inspiration from three main sources, namely the futuristic aesthetic (for the design treatment), the strelitzia flower (for the colour palate) and traditional Zulu beadwork (for the colour blocking technique used).

I am completely satisfied with how the final looks came out 👌🏾 I am a happy girl ✔️ and  happy designer ✔️

So as a fashion designer and entrepreneur I trade as Up_phelele and you can get more information about the #ZuluMaidenRange on #Up_phelele’s social media pages (that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Google+) and on www.upphelele.co.za 🌍

A special thanks to the Durban Fashion Fair, the Ethekwini Municipality and all their sponsors and associates who worked tirelessly to make the #DFF2018 a possibility and success 👏🏾

Fashionably Yours,


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